AWS Gametech Training Days

AWS Gametech Training Days Training is an active training process of at least 10 weeks to ensure that all entrepreneurs who want to take a new step into the game world realize their ideas. During this process, participants will receive training in many areas of game development such as game design, coding and design with the help of their mentors and instructors. The aim of the training is to train entrepreneurs who are not enough in coding and design, so that they can join the game industry with their innovative ideas. in addition to more than 10 instructors and mentors, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to experienced figures in the industry and get an insider's view of the gaming industry through weekly october chats. As a result of the program, strengthened by the business partnership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, IZFAŞ, Digi Game Startup Studio, the participants will have access to a level where they can make a mobile game prototype on their own.
1Will the trainings be held online?
Yes, the entire educational process will be conducted online through the Discord program.
1What is the purpose of Academy Trainings?
Academy Trainings are an online training process consisting of a completely free 10-week program where anyone who wants to step into the world of game development can study software, design and music from scratch. Throughout the training, mentors and educators will be in constant communication with the participants.
1Who can attend Academy Trainings?
Since the trainings will start at the basic level, it is suitable for everyone who is interested in game development and wants to further his career in this field to participate.
1What is included in the content of the training?
In general, the software and design knowledge needed to start developing mobile games with Unity and much more will be explained throughout the educational process. You can access the entire training calendar by clicking here.
1What do I need to attend training?
Since the entire training will be conducted on online platforms, you just need to have a stable internet connection and a computer where you can make applications. In order to have a better communication with the educators, it will be for the benefit of the participant to have a camera and microphone.
1What programs will be used throughout the training?
During the training, lectures and speeches will be held through the Discord program. In addition, Unity Game Engine will be used in coding trainings, Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop will be used in design trainings, FL Studio programs will be used in sound effects october. Detailed information about the programs will be provided to the participants during the training process.
1What are the benefits of education?
Using the Unity game engine,
Tips and tricks for developing 2D and 3D mobile games,
Ability to write code in C#,
Fundamentals of mobile game marketing,
And they will have learned to put their game ideas into digital.

At the end of the training they have received, the participants will be divided into teams and will be able to work on their own projects. All participants who have completed the training will be invited to the GameJam to be held in Izmir in September and they will have the chance to show themselves in the game industry there.
1When do the trainings start and how are they done?
The trainings will start on July 26, 2021 and will be carried out entirely on the Discord platform. The training will proceed with the project development process after the lecture.
  • Unity panels and menus

  • Asset, Gameobject and Component logic

  • Basic explanation of C# Class and Metdod logic

  • C# Variables

  • Description of the Unity Debug Log via Input axises

  • Change the position, rotation, and name of the object

  • Operators

  • Rigidbody and Collider

  • Getcomponent logic

  • If-Else logic and examples

  • Basic platform construction, including Jump Bending (No oncollision)

  • Oncollision and Ontrigger logic

  • Performing jumping and dying with oncollision

  • Instantiate and prefab logic

  • The making of Space Invaders (Enemies created on stage)

  • Switch logic and examples

  • With the switch you can automatically Spawn Enemies in different ways

  • For-While cycles

  • Printing numbers up to ten thousand and primes

  • Arrays

  • Examples for understanding array element assignment and creation

  • Resizing arrays

  • Getcomponents logic and examples

  • Examples of findgameobjects - foreach

  • Multidimensional arrays

  • Tilebased sample

  • 2D Visualization in mobile games, Necessity and competence, genre, use of necessary programs

  • Methods with no return value without parameters

  • Methods without a parameterized return value

  • Overloading logic in methods

  • Methods with a return value

  • Recursive methods

  • In-game visualization, UI by general definition, interfaces of design programs and the use of basic tools

  • Elements of the Unity UI

  • Using UI elements together with methods

  • An example of the style of Papers Please

  • Selection of content, creation of necessary images, criteria to be considered

  • Classes

  • Examples of classes - new

  • Inheritance - Monobehaviour

  • Example via Npc-Enemy-Player

  • Output and presentation of images, Unity UI integration,

  • Completion of the object

  • Market Art, Icon and visual compression/formats, Unity Icon, Loading of Market Arts

  • Animation - Animator logic

  • Making 2d animation with multiple sprites

  • Animating a sprite sheet

  • Making a 3D animation with a ready-made rigged character

  • Download animation from Mixamo

  • Making a 3D character that can walk and jump

  • Creating a walking animation using a blend tree

  • Describing 2D and 3D joints with quick examples

  • Making Ragdoll

  • Making a 3D third-person controllable character

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