Although there are software developers, visual designers, three-dimensional model artists who develop games that first come to mind when it comes to the game sector, the opportunities in the game sector are not limited to them.

A company needs experts from a wide range of disciplines, from the state of the idea to reaching the community as a sunday-ready product. Therefore, career opportunities in the gaming industry are quite wide. Since the digitalization rate is much higher compared to other sectors, there are independent opportunities related to remote work. Especially for our talented young people who have good English, a career abroad is possible.
Alternative career opportunities in the gaming industry;
  • Digital Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Operation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Writing
  • Quality Control
  • Localization
  • Data Analysis
  • Level Design
  • Video Content Production
  • Screenwriting
  • Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Interface Design
  • Human Resources
  • Law

In the coming period, we will gain practical experience by providing services to our initiatives included in the Kuleizmir program with our expert mentors and our friends selected within the scope of our career program.

We aim to grow our successful and decommissioned teams among our gaming initiatives by providing employment from the career program and easily accessing Human Resources.

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