kuleizmir Game Entrepreneurship and Software Center

Izmir is forming a city coalition with its commercial partners, technological infrastructure, ecosystem stakeholders. Fair Izmir, which was born in the city of fairs Izmir, continues to sign projects that increase the value of the city. In addition to being just a fairground, the Fair Izmir is turning into a production platform where new ideas and projects are being created.

The "Tower" the symbol of the fair Izmir, is moving Izmir to a new area in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In this context, kuleizmir connects entrepreneurs and new business ideas who want to participate in sectors such as games, IT and software with related sectors, institutions, organizations and universities.

About Us
Game Entrepreneurship and Software Center

kuleizmir OYGEM

OYGEM is a learning and implementation center that provides training and consulting support to entrepreneurs on business, model creation, incorporation, benefiting from grant programs and intellectual property issues in order to develop and implement their ideas and projects.

OYGEM aims to create economic added value in the national and international arena by becoming a company of innovative business ideas based on technology and games.

Support Program for Game Developers in kuleizmir

University-Industry Business Associations

Investor Meetings

Technology Development Support

Mentoring Services

Office Support

Right to use OYGEM Workshop

Supporting entrepreneurs on Human Resources issues

Added Values

Ensuring commercial success of innovations,

The incubation environment for start-up companies and entrepreneurs

Value-added products or services in the game, design and information technology sectors,

A profitable and alternative sunday for investors,

Reduction in Research and Development costs,

Added value to the Izmir economy at the corporate and individual level,

Dissemination of intelligent services in local and administrative services,

Awareness of society about information technologies,

Increasing the brand value of sponsors.

Advantages and Privileges

To be a part of a wide ecosystem that highlights technology and innovation,

To be able to promote products and services on international platforms and in a sunday environment for local and administrative institutions, technology companies and citizens,

To be able to follow the developments in the fields of design and information technology,

To have the opportunity to produce, experience and market technologically based smart solutions for the new generation of modern residential areas that are being established,

To be able to work in a business environment in a strategic location with advanced, technological infrastructure and facilities,

to be able to access the creative products and services developed in the kuleizmir environment firsthand,

To be able to try products and services with real users in a real-life environment and to receive feedback.

Trainings and Events that will be Held

Game Development and Design Trainings

Code Writing Trainings


The Hackathon

Gaming Fest

Game Entrepreneurship Competition

Izmir Game Ecosystem Meetings




Readymade Office

It is a membership model that varies according to the desired size and is flexible; including fixtures such as lighting, air conditioning, tables and chairs.

Constant Desk

It is a membership model in which a member can also share a designated office space with other members, with a specially allocated chair and desk.

Free Desk

It is a membership model that can use the collaborative workspace in the location it is connected to, offers the possibility of a spontaneous "network", is open to interaction and sharing.

Meeting Rooms

Regardless of membership, it will operate with an hourly paid booking system for corporate and personal meetings.

Office Services


Membership Criteria


It is necessary to establish a proportional theory between start-ups who will be participants in the system to be established, individual entrepreneurs working in the creative sectors dec companies. On average, these ratios consist of 30% creative structures (creative sectors, agencies and new generation SMEs), 20% freelancers, 30% advanced or open-to-development start-ups, 20% international companies.

Corporate Companies

Team : To accommodate qualified personnel or a team that will meet the technical need needed to solve the enterprise issue.

Revenue Model : Having a product or service that can be sold to end users and companies.

should be the sales potential for international and domestic.

Contribute to or contribute to the culture and history of Izmir.

Providing employment (getting an intern or new colleagues)


Simple, viable and developable start-ups.

Low cost, solution oriented.

Organizing workshops on the subject in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities.

Kidsathon, To ensure that every segment participates in the Hackathon concepts, to get problem and solution suggestions.

Revenue model; production of value-added products or services that can be sold to end users and companies.